Sunday, November 19, 2006


Thanks to lots of people. Annie and Karen for letting us go. Derek in LA for sorting the car. Javie and Joe for keeping us going and to all those other cars for help with tools and parts. Webmaster Mark for sorting our website.
The final toll on the cars was 19 DNF.

burnt out: 1 (Burgundy Lincoln)
crashed over cliffs: 3 (Gulf coloured Studebaker,E-type,yellow oldsmobile?)
crashed over bridge into river: 1 (Studebaker)
rolled and written off: 2 ( black/yellow Studebaker, red Oldsmobile)
mechanical failure: another 12.

The car has travelled 6550 miles in just over two weeks.
364 days to 2007s race!!!


Blogger Steve W said...

Good one boys! I look forward to seeing you and your car in LA before too long.

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