Thursday, November 09, 2006


Nov 8 - Day 7 - miles 2700: Sort out the patches on nomex suits, collect caps etc. The saftey scutineering goes horribly wrong when we realise that we were meant to get a ticket to queue. We pass everything but fail on a technical hitch. The bonnet is not an original steel/alloy one - its fibreglass. We cannot get our race numbers and the committee will ponder overnight. All this week we have been taking it on and off and hadnt realised ourselves....not that it really matters. We also decide to go into town AGAIN to the welders to built an extension bracket for our harnesses. Conrad gets a cut throat shave at a barbers and we work on until 9.00pm when we treat Javie and Joe to a few beers at Madonnas in downtown Veracruz ( Not to be recommended) We await our fate. The worst case could be that we are put into a super fast class as punishment.


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