Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Nov 5 - Day 4 - Miles covered 2450: First job....under car and raise torsion bar up nearly an extra 5". Adrian cleans the car. Weather now very hot and sunny.We have been at altitude for the last three days at 6,500 feet. The 1000cc two-stroke 100bhp Saab driven by two Swedish girls is struggling with the thin air - its 3 cyclinders are always oiling up. San Miguel throw a classic car recption in the main square for the "carreristas". Joe and Javie drive the car up to it to find 2,000 people, mexican bands and hundreds of children seeking autographs. Adrian and Conrad sneek in via taxi and watch as Joe is mobbed by autograph hunters. He finally runs out of ink/patience and finds the Corona beers. His signed pr cards will probably be on ebay next week! We all move out at 7.00pm in convoy to go to Puebla via Mexico City. Drive for 8 hours in mist and rain. Unfortunately the Volvo 1800 throws a rod on the motorway and is out. We cant be last! but v sad... Join up with some giant rigs..these cars arent here to be second. Get lost in Mexico city and lead the 20 cars behind us into the same problem. After 3 police cars read our Govt letter we move out and climb out of the volcano edge at 10,500 feet. Finally get to Puebla after 8 hours driving.

Nov 4 - Day 3 - Miles covered 2030: Derek flys back to LA with an office crisis. Conrad cabs it over the border. Joe and Adrian cross the border with the car, driving up onto the Mexican trailer after 800 yards and we all join the coyote convoy to drive the 680 miles to San Miguel. 12 hours non-stop in sheet rain. After 11 hours Joe and Conrad drop the porsche for a test run into the hills by San Miguel. They encounter the infamous "topez" speed bumps.....big problem....the car only has 3" front clearance. Tomorrows first job. Amazing hotel and reception by the town and free entry the their $us 150 tuxedo dinner reception.

Nov 2/3 - Day 1/2 - Miles covered 1350: Derek and Joe drive the car,van and trailer 1350 miles in 26 hour drive and meet Adrian and Conrad in Laredo. C and A try to change sterling into $ and pesos...but the bank only allows $us 1,000 max so we offer to open an account, that eveing they dont venture into Nuevo Laredo to visit the famous Cadillacs bar after hearing there is at least one murder every day in NL. Early night for them!?. All the spares and spare engine are collected by our Mexican Mechanic/Trailer driver Javier. Car gets its tempory race visa after many hours waiting at the border ...bed at 2.30am.

Nov 1 - Day 0 - Miles covered 0: Harvey from Weidman Wheels has saved the day. He was due to send down the 4 spare alloy fuchs wheels with our yokohama tyres by courier...but after being let down he drove them 9 hours each way for them to be at the LA workshop ontime the day before departure. WHAT A HERO!!! Thank you Harvey.
The strobes have also finally arrived with 10 hours to spare. We'll put these into the headlights and run them on the country stages to keep any stray animals out of our way. Joe arrives in LA


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