Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Nov 7 - Day 6 - miles 2670: Wake up to views of the Bay of Mexico and surfers on one side. On the other 25 or so cars in various states of prep and repair. We go downtown and find a hoses shop that makes us up new rubber fuel lines and also a transfer shop that will jazz up our v conservative car ( by other standards) We return to the park fermee and pass medicals, and find that another 30 or so cars have arrived overnight. Lots of high speed runs up and down the coastal roads. We park up next to the giant red rig of Jerry Churchills Oldsmobile. Its tuned to 525 bhp and tested last week at 191mph! The other UK car of Richard Clark and Andy Prill turns up. Another 356 - but this one is tuned to 190 bhp and tops out at 140mph - I think we'll be a few minutes behind this one. It didnt trailer down like the rest of us , it FLEW IN !!!! Imagine the excess charges? Weve still got terrible clutch judder in first so check it out further. No leaks into clutch and the cable is not flapping around , then we find a big problem. The alloy gear case mounting is snapped. I guess it went when we took off in Pricetown NY and has got worse. So its back to town to borrow a hyraulic ramp and then remove the engine/rear axle/wheels/brakes and finally gear box. The boys start at 7.00pm have it all out by 9.00 - we find a tig welding shop, mend it.By 11.00pm we have started in the rebuild and this morning at 4.00am the car returns MENDED.!! Tomorrow saftey scrutineering and more testing..........


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