Wednesday, November 15, 2006

DAY 7 ..... FINAL LAP.

Nov 16 - Day 7 - miles 4830: Adrian Stevens to drive the last leg. We go back up La Bufa. Adrain beats Conrads previous day tme of 7:48 with a 6:52. The orange 356 does it in 7:14. Then with only two stages to go we blow the engine. A valve has disintergrated in the engine with about 400 miles to the finish. We have to decide whether to be towed over the line with no time penalties or to change the engine at the side of the road ( approx 4 hours) and to drive the finish line. This would mean that the 2 min 30 sec penatly would probably keep us in front of the orange 356. After 6 days we feel we should drive to the line so we pull into a petrol station and drop the engine out. Joe and Javie are stars and get it turned around in 2h40m and we push on the finish. In Monterry there is the usual end chaos. The track stage was cancelled and all the cars are all over the place. We get our 2:30 time penalty and the orange car stays behind us in the final listings. We are 3rd in class to actually cross the line, though the Clark/Prill car has technically beaten us on a trailer by 20 secs. We are the first finishing 356 out of the 4 that started and including the 3 911s are second finishing in the group of seven Porsches. In the final print out we are 25th overall. They do have a strange habit of lowering the faster 1965+ cars out of the overall classification - but we dont mind!! Sam our friend wins his class and is 5th overall.
The famous Jo Ramirez (ex McLaren) asks to be photograhed with Conrad and Joe.!??
After 7 days we are all exhausted.


Blogger scramp said...

Good luck today!

3:15 AM  
Blogger scramp said...

Great result - you made it and you did well. Looking forward to your final post. After 4.5 timed hours, was there really just 25 secs in it with Car 152?

8:08 AM  

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