Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Nov 15 - Day 6 - miles 4450: We drive from Aguaclientes to Zacatecas. Four speed sections. We have a 7 minute cushion in fourth class position to the orange 356 that is behind us. Conrad starts off well and drives safely over the first two sections. We slip 27 seconds in the first section but gain back 17 seconds on the second section. Then we move onto La Bufa for an uphill section to the top then the reverse down. La Bufa is a very fast straight up hill section of 10.3 kms withnothing worse than speed2 corners. The fastest cars can get up to 150-160 mph on he down section straights. In the first two sections they beat us by 12 seconds then 41 seconds. We come into the biggest crowds so far - thousands of people - all the cars park up in the main square. The orange 356 gets the class award in the evening for third in class. We were fourth. Overall we are still 4th in class holding a 6:30 lead over them going into the last day. The 3rd placed 356 is now within reach tomorrow and IF we can keep the orange car at bay we might get third in class on the final podium....but thats a long way off. At 8.00 we all get together for a tequila crawl through the town following a band to the dinner. We will check the car in the morning and adjust it to allow for the fall from 7,500 feet to sea level after the first stage. Tomorrow we go up La Bufa again then two more speed sections finishing at Monterry speed track.


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