Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Nov 6 - Day 5 - 2650 miles: Wake up in Puebla surrounded by smoking volcanoes. We had got the entire convoy lost last night, but luckily our Mexican team mate Javie knows the way. The city has been hit by flash floods with up to 8" of water. Raw sewage everywhere....nice!!!! Need to clean the car tomorrow. Decide not to work on the car in Puebla - so hit the road to Veracruz.
Uneventful drive with amazing scenery as we finally drop down from 6,500 feet plateau to sea level. Drop the porsche down for more testdriving. Go chasing the 2006 Lotus Elise for 40 miles. The car runs very well. At 5,500rpm it is humming along just on 100mph with loads more torque in reserve. Run for about 10-15 mins at 100mph then the next hour at 4,00rpm at about 75mph. Coming into Veracruz we can smell petrol.........we check out the petrol lines to find a drip, which after a little crew adjustment turns into a fully severed line with petrol spraying all over the engine. Back onto the trailer and after a quick tour round a hypermarket to get cleaning stuff and off to find our hotel. Luxury - the same bed for the next 5 nights. Big day tomorow - new fuel lines, medicals, car and driver scrutineering.


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