Saturday, November 11, 2006

DAY 2 CONRADS TURN (or should I say Spin)

Nov 11 - Day 2 - 3350 miles: Conrads turn in the hot seat!! He's just let on that he has dyslexia and doesnt know his left from his right. So have decided to put a big L and R on the back of his hands. As we set out nearly 6" of rain comes down - we werent expecting this so dont really have any wipers to talk about. The speed bumps were completely submerged and caused many problems. As we headed back out to the hills the roads start to dry out. Our petrol pump was playing up again - but ok this time. Conrads first run was exciting to say the least. At about 6,000 ft we were negotiating the bends well. He had the LH and RHS ok. But half way in at a vicious RH 2, with a valley on one side, we went off in a spectacular 180 spin. We smashed into a deep bank and both exited the car windows in a nano second - without even removing the nets! The most important thing was for Conrad to get out our red flag and to wave it at the next car that was due to pass in 30 seconds time - warning him. Sure enough an e-type came round at probably 70mph narrowly missing everything. Followed by two others until they closed the stage and sent down the medics and towtruck. We manage to push the car out and continued on with only a broken exhaust and Conrads pride dented. The next stages went well though we had to stop in a village at a workshop to have our exhaust pipes welded and a new rear section added ( very chav!). That evening we were again met in the town squares by thousands - all still wanting Conrads signature despite his off!!? To cap things off Conrad hits a car in the traffic on the way back to the hotel - slight dent on front wing, I wonder if Goblin Girl needs a new co-driver in the Lotus?. We have slipped back to 70th place but theres a long way to go.


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