Saturday, November 11, 2006


Nov 10 - Day 1 - 3050 miles: Two of the speed stages are cancelled due to dangerous road surfaces. The mini that rolled yesterday is back with a plexiglass screen. The 80 or so cars get into start order and move out from the park fermee to the sounds of Spanish rock music. Viewed by the crowds as if we are off to certain death. We drive out past the smashed wreck of the black/yellow car. At the start line we queue up listening to the roars of the lead cars V8S echoing round the hills. Its extremely hot......We line up to start then break down on the start line. The fuel or starter motor is cooked. All the rest pass us and we are left to mend ourselves. Luckily Joe and Javie turn up,open the fuel lines - seem to release the pressure and we're off. We almost immediately pass the number 4 pole car of Churchills that has rolled 4 times ...and is out. Also pass the alfa that started in front of us - stricken by engine failure. The roads surfaces are aweful. Conrad calls the corners and we get into a good rhythm. Before we know it its the lunch service break. In the afternoon stages despite the 30 second start gaps we overtake a Fiat and Jaguar. In the final stage ( yesterdays qualification one) we whizz over the two bridges - no sides of course - and glance down to see another studebaker 6 feet down in the water. At the end we swap over to let Joe and Javie drive back into Veracruz. We drive the van. They are mobbed by hundreds of kids who view them as mad 200mph racers. At the race awards two of our friends get class wins. Sam in his LT and the exhibition class Lotus Elise of Rachel "Goblin Girl"/Steve and Cade. Her Lotus sure moves and she has put in some great runs and Conrad loves her tattoos. Will he get one ?????. We get finishing medals and then the boys rebuild the starter motor and the fuel pumps until 11.30pm. BED!!!We are now in 50th place , 4th in class.


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